Love is the Message of Christmas

As I type this article my niece has just given birth to her first child.  There is much excitement and celebration taking place throughout our family.  From my experience the love that a child awakens in it’s mother is unlike anything else experienced in life.  Of course love is awakened in the father and grandparents etc too, but I believe that  a mother’s love is like no other.  It is the mother’s love that nurtures and comforts the child, especially in the early days of it’s life.  Without it the child cannot survive.  As the child grows into a toddler the strength of the father and his love is needed by the child for the extra sense of security that a child craves, especially when he awakes from bad dreams.  Having the love and protection of both parents is such a wonderful blessing for a child, but unfortunately not all children are blessed equally in that way.

However, all children are blessed equally by the Love of their Creator, who has both the feminine and masculine energy we all need in our nurturing and upbringing.  As adults we are just older children who still need to know that we are loved.  Not always do we receive the love from another that we desire, but it is always there for us if we just look in the right place. Where is the right place?  It is within yourself.  That is where Love resides.  It is where you connect to your Higher Consciousness which is the Divine aspect of yourself.

This is the message of Christmas . . . to connect to your Higher Consciousness of Love  . . .  the Christ Consciousness within.  Only unconditional love resides there.  This unconditional love enables you to not only give it to others, but also to yourself.  When you choose to embrace this unconditional love (which is the Holy Grail of all spiritual seekers), you will embrace the true understanding of self-love. The lack of self-love is the downfall of us all.  Why not, at this Festive time, give yourself the greatest gift of re-connecting with your Higher Consciousness?  It is something that needs to be done on a regular basis in order to keep our focus clear.  I find the art of meditation to be a very helpful way into such connection.  You may find the sunrise or sunset to be your entry point, or perhaps some other vision of beauty . . .  or it may be the uplifting sound of a beautiful piece of music.  Whatever it may be for you I hope you will indulge yourself of it at this special time of year, which is given as our reminder and opportunity to re-focus.

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Geoff and I wish you the Blessings of Christmas: Hope, Joy and Love.
In Light and Love,
Your friend,

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