What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship between two people: the coach and the client.

Coaching assists a client to achieve whatever they want in all areas of their life.  It identifies where the individual is currently in their lives, where they want to be, what choices they have for closing this gap and finally what they will commit to.

At ‘Seeing Life Differently’ we define coaching as assisting the client to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be, through removing the stories they tell themselves about why they can’t.   Setting goals, and creating empowering beliefs and attitudes are the necessary strategies involved in closing the gap.

The difference between coaching, therapy, counseling and mentoring:

You might have heard “Coaching is really like therapy, counselling and mentoring, isn’t it”?

Absolutely NOT! Let us explain why.

Patients seeking therapy and/or counselling usually have a problem arising from a specific incident, condition or trauma.  A coaching client usually hasn’t experienced any of these.  Many clients are successful, fulfilled people already and are looking to raise the bar, experience even more success and become more effective at what they already do well.  Other clients just feel stuck and need assistance to unravel what’s keeping them there and to find the way forward to their potential.

A therapist or counsellor usually starts with the past to find the solution to an existing condition.  A coach, on the other hand ‘draws a line in the sand’ and starts with the ‘present’ and ‘the future’.

The coach doesn’t have the answers.  Instead they have the absolute belief that their clients have ‘everything they need in a given moment’.  The client reaches their own solutions through the coach’s skill in asking key questions.

It is an holistic profession where all clients are accepted as the magnificent individuals they truly are.

Coaching is a ‘judgement free’ zone.

Coaching is all about the results that are obtained from the action taken by the client.

As life coaches we ask you a series of great questions which allow you to evaluate your situation, imagine your chosen future and from there choose various steps to enable you to start moving forward.  It’s incredible to discover the possibilities.  It’s fun as it’s all about you and more than anything, remember, if you don’t do something different to change where you are right now … it will always be the same.  And there is so much more waiting for you.

* * * * * * * * * *

SEEING LIFE DIFFERENTLY has a variety of coaching packages available to choose from.  We are currently working on developing our own CDs, ebooks etc for individual purchasing as well as being incorporated into packages. Seminars, Workshops, and Quiet Days for spiritual reflection will also be offered during the year.  Our commitment is to offer to you the very best of ourselves and to assure that you receive amazing value from working with us.