Feel Good:  Feeling good is a wonderful state to be in.  There are certain things you do that make you feel good.  There are certain things you see that make you feel good.  There are certain things you hear that make you feel good.  What are the things that make you feel good?  Make sure you embrace them into your life regularly.  Watch this Feel Good video:

Perseverance:  Perseverance is the one attribute that can make all the difference to the outcome of a goal.  It can be the characteristic that helps you on the path of self development and gain personal empowerment. Through it you can achieve your goals.  Here is a short video to inspire you to persevere:

Attitude:  Our attitude determines everything.  If we want to embrace a certain quality for ourselves then assuming the attitude of that quality will make it very easy to integrate into our being.  Watch the 3 minute video to assist you in being mindful of your Attitude:

Adversity:  When faced with adversity do you react like carrots, eggs or coffee beans? Watch this short video to determine which one you are like – it is very insightful:

Don’t Quit:  If you are feeling that things are insurmountable, that you are ready to give up, that it is no use to persevere, then please watch this short video version of the poem ‘Don’t Quit’ for inspiration:

Fail Your Way to Success:  Do you feel a failure?  Have you made attempts to succeed yet have not done so?  Think it’s not worth the disappointment when things don’t fall into place as you wish?  This short video will give you heart:

Change:  If you want change in any situation, then you must change.  If you want something to be different, then doing the same things will only bring the same results – you must change in some way.  Watch this short video to see its message about Change.

Go that Extra Degree:  In life it is often the slightest edge that makes all the difference.  This short video will encourage you to go that extra degree to achieve your dreams:

The Power of Self-Discipline:  Self-Discipline is the most important of all the character traits that one must have to achieve in life.  Without it we fall short in our attempts to succeed.  Self-Discipline will keep you on track with every goal and in every area in which you are desirous of achievement.  Self-Discipline assures the outcomes you are striving for.  This short video shows the power of self-discipline:

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