Coaching with Geoff

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Introduction to Coaching:  FREE half-hour Coaching Session

Package 1:    6 x 1 hour Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

Package 2:    3 months Coaching/Mentoring (including up to 13 x 1 hour Sessions)

Package 3:    6 months of Coaching/Mentoring (including up to 26  x 1 hour Sessions)


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Thanks to Geoff’s guiding hands I have realized the power of decision.  He helps you see the obvious when you are blinded by your current state of mind.  I have adopted many of Geoff’s sayings as personal mantra’s that help me accomplish the tasks at hand.  Geoff has a knack of allowing you to see yourself in the future having accomplished your goals.  He then shows you how to come back to the present but keeping the feeling of accomplishment forefront of mind.  Once you have the goal and the feeling of success it is a simple decision to start down the right path.
Shaun Nell, Brisbane, QLD